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About Us

A Penny Earned Bookkeeping Is sole proprietorship

Jamie Thereault – Owner and Bookkeeper

Located in: Bullhead Arizona


A Penny Earned Bookkeeping has been in Business since 1999, starting out in the Inland Empire and moving to the O.C. and now our permanant home in Bullhead AZ. I started A Penny Earned so that I could be home for my children.  I knew that there were a lot of small businesses who needed bookkeeping help but could not afford or did not want to pay a full time person to work for them. I worked in an office for many years and looked forward to setting my own game plan to take those jobs that others didn’t want.  I want to be that person that helps small business get on their way to success or helps to keep their minds at ease by having the knowledge of their business's financial state.

I am a small business looking to help other small businesses stay financially informed and prepare for their future.

I have worked with many different types of companies from non profits to property rentals

I have multitude of experiance. Whether you are a smaller company who needs that extra bit of financial organization, don’t want to pay a lot of money,or if you just don’t want to keep your own books, I’m your girl! I will work for you and your company as if it were my own!


Services Offered

One time Bookkeeping - to get your started or catch you up

Bookkeeping Daily service - Daily data entry to keep your books up to date

Bookkeeping weekly service – Weekly  service for those of you who dont need us Daily

Bookkeeping monthly service – Once a month service are available as wterly or End of Year Bookkeeping services for Small companies who  need a profit and loss for, loans, proof of income or tax purposes

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A Penny Earned Bookkeeping
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E-mail: apennyearnedbook@aol.com

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