A Penny Earned Bookkeeping
A Penny Earned Bookkeeping

A Few of my clients

B&L Engineering                                    1999- 2008            

Machine Shop                                                          

National ATM’s                                        2008-2012             

ATM Company                                                       

1.7 HOA                                                 2010-2016

Home Owner Association

Paystar ATM’s                                         2010-2016

ATM Company

Point Media                                             2011-2012               


Traceable components                            2011-2012                                     

Parts Supplies                                      

World Access for the Blind                       2013-Present

Non Profit

Josh Petraitis                                                2011-2013                                      

Ebay Sales

ACA                                                        2013-2013                                    

ATM Company                                             

Longevity                                               2013-2013                                          

Day Spa

Global ATM’s                                           2012-2013                       

ATM Company  

Beagles and Brew                                            2013-2013

Food Industry

Arcadia Adult daycare                             2013-2013                                               

Adult Daycare Facility                                   

Anika Paulini                                           2013-2013  


OCPG                                                              2014- 2014

Web graphics

The Detailing Pros                                2014- 2015

Auto detailing

Penelope LLC                                       2017-Present

property Rental

Missyone LLC                                       2017-Present

Property Rental

The Cefalia Family                                2017-Present

Family Trust





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